Hand Painted Small Nepalese Christmas Baubles x 6

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New Hand Painted Small Nepalese Christmas Baubles x 6

Forget the usual cheap plastic Christmas tat you get from chain stores - these beautiful festive baubles have been hand made and lovingly painted to create miniature works of art!  Truly something unique for your house which, with care, will last for years.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, just the festive season or you want to brighten up a room, these will make a colourful statement.  Each one is individually made from recycled paper and wood pulp, hand painted, varnished and finished off with a gold thread cord for hanging.  A stunning piece of fair trade and ethical recycled art! Hang on a tree, door handles, from mirrors, around picture frames or almost anywhere!
Each bauble measures approximately 1.5 inches (4cm) in diameter.