Nepalese Tailors 2020

Nepalese Tailors 2020

Throughout the years we have always strived to visit the workshops and factories where our stock is made whether we have bought directly or through a third party supplier.  This has been done to ensure we know exactly who has made an item, the conditions it was made in and ensure a fair price has been paid.  With no set regulation on the classification of Fair Trade regarding clothing we have deemed this necessary to ensure the items we sell are as fairly traded as possible.  The vast majority of the clothing we have made is through a few select family businesses.  Below are some photos of the working conditions in our main tailors factory.  They have natural light as well as strip, cushions on their seats, music playing, are mostly paid a salary rather than a piece wage and have a staff canteen with roof top seating with views of the Himalayas! 


Below is one of our very talented embroidery tailors putting the flower detail onto our best selling trousers!  


In the cutting room all patterns are made from paper first before a sample is constructed.  Then the fabric is cut on long tables by trained cutters.  


We take our time to choose the fabrics we like for our range which we believe will wear and wash the best for longevity.  At Rainbow Rebel we do not sell disposably fashion!

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