Rainbow Rebel Incense

Back in 2014 we first met the lovely Bam in Pashkar.  His business specialises in hand rolled incense sticks made from locally sourced natural ingredients.  His rose flavour ones are made from petals sourced in the many rose fields around the little city.  He and his sons run a little wooden shop near the sacred lake whilst their wifes and daughters sit and hand roll the incense on large stone blocks.  The men package the incense for retail.  We were impressed by the quality of the incense and its wonderful natural flavours.  To begin with we stocked a small range but these sold out over just a couple of festivals.  When we revisited in 2018 we bought 11 flavours and these sold out before 2020.  We are looking forward to restocking once corona virus lockdown has eased and Bam and his family can get back to making the incense they love.
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