Goloka Incense 15g 12 Sticks

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Goloka Incense

We stock a range of 5 Goloka Indian brand incenses.  Goloka uses no child labour, all incense is hand rolled and not toxic from natural ingredients.  All their packaging is recyclable paper and they do not use any animal by products so it's all vegan friendly!
Each packet contains 12 sticks, each burns for around 30-40mins depending on how they are burnt.  Sticks are around 22cm long.



Ancient - A heady scent with sandalwood at its base.  Hints of champa and patchouli.

Lotus - Floral scent with hints of rose and jasmine.

Divine - A clear fresh scent similar to clean washing smell.  Commonly used to cleanse the atmosphere in rooms and for meditation.

Patchouli - A fresh patchouli scent.

Saffron - Very light floral scent with hints of honey and baby powder aroma.  Commonly used to raise the vibration in a room and for mediation.