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Indian Wood Printing Block Set - Paisley

Indian Wood Printing Block Set - Paisley

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Indian Wooden Printing Block - Paisley

All our woodblocks are made on a fair trade basis from sustainable Sheesham wood by our supplier Gurmakh and his family in India.  Each is hard carved so unique. The men do the carving by making a design in metal wire, heating it and then stamping it onto the raw blocks.  The scorched marks are then used as a template for hand carving the design.  Next the women soak the blocks in linseed oil, dry them and finish them with a gesso white paint on the printing surface to give a hard and durable yet smooth finish for printing.  Often the natural wood oils change the gesso colour to light brown.  The blocks are cut deep enough for printing onto fabric and paper. Great used with acrylic and fabric paints or printing ink.  Those with an advanced skill can also print with henna onto skin or press into clay.  However they can also just be used as a decorative piece of art for the home!

Three blocks measures 6cm tall and three measure 4cm tall, all are around
3cm thick. 

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