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Rainbow Rebel

Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense 20 Sticks

Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense 20 Sticks

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Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense

12 aromas to choose from.  Each packet contains 20 bamboo base sticks.  Each stick is around 8 inches (20cm) long with an approximate burn time of 30 minutes.

This incense has been made by a family business in Pushkar in Rajasthan exclusively for Rainbow Rebel using traditional hand rolling techniques.  The women hand roll the sticks on large stone blocks whilst the men package the incense and run the shop.  We visit the family regularly to order from them.  The same family make Shiva Special incense and have been making incense for decades.  All our incense is fresh stock not older than 12 months.


WHITE ROSE - A soft lightly musky rose fragrance using rose petals grown locally around Pushkar.  Our most popular Rose fragrance.

GULAB - The word means "resembling the rose" is Arabic.  This aroma is natural rose scent.  More intense than White Rose and not musky.

KRISHNA TULSI - Tulsi is sacred basil which grows wild in India and Asia.  These sticks contain basil, cardamom pods, honey and roasted coconut to produce a spiritual aroma used largely in India for meditation and religious observance.

SUNFLOWER - Bright floral scent of fresh flowers.

GARDEN - A strong heady floral scent with hints of rose, lavender and sandalwood.

MOON - Our most popular incense at festivals, Moon is a gentle fragrance containing eucalyptus, myrrh, rose petals from Pushkar and a hint of amber.  Used predominately for relaxation and meditation when clearing the mind is needed.

CHANDAN - Chandan is a mix of red and white sandalwood to give a natural yet intense sandalwood scent.  Stronger than our Sandalwood scent.  Our most popular scent purchased by men.

KOBRA - A strong scent of mixed strawberry and coconut.  

ROSE WOOD - Made with natural rosewood, this incense is popular with those who want to find a balance between the spiritual and physical.  Rosewood carries a motherly essence and lends to boost intuitive thought and feeling.  

HONEY ROSE - A scent of natural Pushkar rose petals mixed with locally produced honey.  A sweet lightly floral scent.

OPIUM - A classic heady scent often bought to be used for clearing the mind, relaxation and to create a positive atmosphere.

SANDALWOOD - made with natural white sandalwood this is a pure fragrance, not as strong as the Chandan.

Our branded packaging is made from hand screen printed recycled paper by a Delhi family.  The incense inside is in biodegradable acetate slips to prevent the essential oils from seeping onto the paper outside.  It is assembled and checked in the UK.  All the packaging is recyclable and handmade.


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