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Rainbow Rebel

Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense 20 Sticks

Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense 20 Sticks

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Rainbow Rebel Fair Trade Natural Incense

6 NEW aromas to choose from.  Each packet contains 20 bamboo base sticks.  Each stick is around 8 inches (20cm) long with an approximate burn time of 30 minutes.

This incense has been made by a family business in Pushkar in Rajasthan exclusively for Rainbow Rebel using traditional hand rolling techniques.  The women hand roll the sticks on large stone blocks whilst the men package the incense and run the shop.  We visit the family regularly to order from them.  The same family make Shiva Special incense and have been making incense for decades.  All our incense is fresh stock not older than 12 months.


KRISHNA LEELA - Lemongrass and other herbs in a fresh citrus scent.

GULMOHAR - Made with flowers from the Delonix Regina tree, this is a floral scent with hints of eucalyptus.  Used for room cleansing.

PATCHOULI - made with natural patchouli.  A medium strong scent.

JASMINE - made with locally sourced jasmine flowers in Pushkar.

RUDRA - made from Agilawood extract and used in religious meditations for Lord Shiva in India.  This scent is musky with oriental heady notes.  Those who like Opium often also buy this scent.

LOTUS - Fresh floral scent recommended for uplifting the mood.

Our branded packaging is made from hand screen printed recycled paper by a Delhi family.  The incense inside is in biodegradable acetate slips to prevent the essential oils from seeping onto the paper outside.  It is assembled and checked in the UK.  All the packaging is recyclable and handmade.

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